Theodora Papachatzidis is an attorney-at-law since 1998. She has worked for several large reputable lawfirms. She has made the transition to entrepreneurship in 2006 and started her own business. As of March 1, 2013 she conducts her practice under the name Lexwood Legal.

She has vast experience in labour law, commercial contracts and intellectual property law.

Theodora Papachatzidis is a driven and passionate lawyer who likes open and direct communication. She is enthusiastic, a little stubborn, and very involved.

She invests in a personal and informal approach and focuses on the business of the entrepreneur and its drive.

Theodora is analytically strong and alert. She sees through the motives behind the positions taken and gets warring parties back together at the table.

If the knives are sharpened, she proves to be a sharp and retaining opponent: fair, targeted, and if necessary rock hard.

She is competent, operates quickly without fuss at a razor-sharp rate.

Theodora speaks Greek.


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